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On a limited floor area of 0.9 x 1.2 m (for example the average toilet area in the Netherlands has this dimensions) we have to use the toilet and of course also be able to wash our hands. The toilet itself has been used for years with a concealed cistern to process the rinsing water. The advantage of a built-in reservoir with respect to a build-up reservoir it that it is completely concealed in the wall. And we find that very normal. This gives your toilet more space and a better appearance. It is also a lot more practical with cleaning. Moreover, this installation ensures that you save maximum space in the smallest room in the house. A great solution. But a shallow solution for the washbasin did not exist yet. Fortunately, we now have the Recess. The space-saving wall-in hand washbasin with integrated and removable siphon and handy cold water tap. This unique and attractive recessed washbasin is easy to install in any wall which is at least 7 cm thick and made of building blocks, plaster blocks or sand-lime bricks

Size: 40 x 21 x 40 cm

Colour: Gloss white or mat white

Material: polystone

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