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48 | UFO

Extravagant and exciting. Slender and splendid.

Extravagant may be the first word that comes to mind when you see this slim and slender washbasin. This awesome washbasin, in skilfully crafted porcelain, is definitely among the INK range's latest flagships. UFO cabinets come in their own original dimensions, with a unique depth of 48 cm for all washbasins. We were so impressed with this unit that we have developed a complete matching collection; marvelous single-drawer washbasin cabinets in the latest colours as well as spatial, transparent black steel frames to create an ultra-modern bathroom.


With handles


gloss white

In our overview you can see at a glance which colours and cabinets are available for this series

Colour washbasin:


48 x 48 x 0,8 cm

80 x 48 x 0,8 cm (left or right)

100 x 48 x 0,8 cm (left or right)

120 x 48 x 0,8 cm (left or right)

120 x 48 x 0,8 cm (double)

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