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45 | URBAN

Minimalist design,  maximum comfort.

A sleek washbasin, made of aesthetically appealing porcelain. Available in widths up to 120 centimetres (double basin). This is an outstanding example of craftsmanship, and a genuine jewel for your bathroom. The special drain and the polished look of the porcelain washbasin make Urban a unique product. The Urban washbasin, of minimalist design, can be combined with all types of washbasin cabinets of a 45 cm depth.


70 x 45 x 8 cm

100 x 45 x 8 cm

120 x 45 x 8 cm

(double washbasin)


With handles

Handleless aluminum rim

Handleless wooden rim

Handleless wooden rim single

Handleless lacquered

Handleless lacquered single

Push to open

In our overview you can see at a glance which colours and cabinets are available for this series

Colour washbasin:



gloss white

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