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A modern, polished look and a variety of choices.

The United washbasin is the newest model within the INK ceramics collection. It is available in four wonderful porcelain shades; gloss white, mat white, mat basento and mat black.  These washbasins include a concealed porcelain plug as well as a covered overflow. United washbasins can be ideally combined with all INK washbasin cabinets. We are particularly fond of combinations with the push-to-open washbasin cabinet, which enables you to create a breath-taking configuration featuring both extensive storage space and a stylish ambience.


60 x 45 x 11 cm

70 x 45 x 11 cm

90 x 45 x 11 cm

100 x 45 x 11 cm

120 x 45 x 11 cm (single)

120 x 45 x 11 cm (double)

140 x 45 x 11 cm (double)


With handles

Handleless aluminum rim

Handleless wooden rim

Handleless wooden rim single

Handleless lacquered

Handleless lacquered single

Push to open

In our overview you can see at a glance which colours and cabinets are available for this series

Colours washbasin:


gloss white

Porcelain mat basento


mat white


mat black

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