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Washbasin with side plateau:

Tablet is a functional washbasin, with priority placed on ease of use/ This washbasin provides extensive level space next to or around the inner sink to place all your everyday products and accessoires. Tablet is made from gloss white polystone and boasts a smooth surface. Therefore, the washbasin is outstandingly maintenance-friendly and can be easily cleaned. Tablet washbasins can be ideally combined with all of the 7 spacious washbasin cabinets from the INK collection.

This unit can be extended with all the high and semi tall cabinets. mirrors and mirror cabinets from the INK range. Tablet is not only pleasing to the eye; it is also the ideal solution for day-to-day storage.


90 x 45 x 9 cm

(single, central,

right of left)

100 x 45 x 9 cm

(single central)

120 x 45 x 9 cm (double)

140 x 45 x 9 cm (double)


With handles

Handleless aluminum rim

Handleless wooden rim

Handleless wooden rim single

Handleless lacquered

Handleless lacquered single

Push to open

In our overview you can see at a glance which colours and cabinets are available for this series

Colours washbasin:


gloss white

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