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45 | FERRO

Steel - black steel in particular - is increasingly present in modern homes, and obviously the bathroom is no exception. Our INK washbasin cabinets can also be extended with stylish steel. Ferro - which means iron in Latin - is a black steel accessory that can give your bathroom an exciting upgrade. Using this 45 cm deep, black powder-coated steel frame you can combine to your heart's content. If, for example, you associate a single-drawer washbasin cabinet and a splendid washbasin, the result is a really gorgeous bathroom. Of course, you can also create an impressive arrangement with a wood decor or lacquer cover plate, combined with our INK countertop bowls. A black steel inlay plateau can also be installed as a finishing touch. Let your creativity surprise us!


60 x 45 x 27 cm

70 x 45 x 27 cm

80 x 45 x 27 cm

90 x 45 x 27 cm

100 x 45 x 27 cm

120 x 45 x 27 cm

140 x 45 x 27 cm

160 x 45 x 27 (2 x 80 cm)

180 x 45 x 27 (2 x 90 cm)


Combine with all the

single drawers

In our overview you can see at a glance which colours and cabinets are available for this series

Colour frame:

Mat black


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